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[cdt-dev] Exported include paths from referenced library projects

I recently experimented with the inter-project References mechanism, and it is really nice.

My findings are that when a library project is referred from an application project, the following are automatically passed:

- the library archive is added to the application linker config
- the library path is added to the application linker config
- the library project root folder is added to the application includes

The library archive and the library path are straightforward and are very useful as they are implemented now.

However, the library project root folder is of little use, since most real life libraries have their own internal folder structure, and the headers are grouped in an 'include' or 'inc' folder, or, for complex/careless designs, are even spread across multiple folders.

My first thought was to export ALL defined include folders (or, if none defined, the root folder, as of now).

An even more flexible solution would be to allow the user to choose which include folders to export.

This can be implemented with a new tab in the Paths and Symbols page, that displays a lists of all include paths defined by all languages, each with a check box, initially enabled. The behaviour is that all checked paths are automatically exported to projects that refer this library.

It might be also possible to add a new field with the checkbox in the existing Includes tab, but this need to be further analysed, the meaning might be confusing.

I think that with such a configuration option, adding a library to an application would require nothing more than to check a box in the References tab, and all details would be then handled automatically.

Any comments?



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