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Re: [cdt-dev] Recent changes to cdt hudson build machine



Jeff and I are working on making the SWTBot Autotools UI tests work.

They were ignored before but got enabled since yesterday because our HIPP got the dependencies installed (autoconf, libtool).

There is still ‘automake’ missing, which is why the tests fail now.  I’ve requested the webmasters to add that too.

You can ignore those failures for now and we hope to have them passing as soon as possible.


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Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2014 8:52 AM
To: CDT General developers list.
Subject: [cdt-dev] Recent changes to cdt hudson build machine


Anyone aware of recent changes (in last 24 hours) to cdt build machine related to autotools instalation.

I receive errors when autotools test are executed:


Got:  Invoking aclocal in /jobs/  sh -c "aclocal --help"  sh: aclocal: command not found 

Got:  Invoking aclocal in /jobs/  sh -c "automake --help"  sh: automake: command not found

Got:  Invoking autoconf in /jobs/  sh -c autoheader  autoheader: error: AC_CONFIG_HEADERS not found in 



Failing tests:

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.SetConfigurationParameter.newConfigCopiesParms

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.SetConfigurationParameter.doubleRenameCancel

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.SetConfigurationParameter.doubleRenameOk

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.SetConfigurationParameter.canBuildWithConfigParm

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestEnvironmentVars.referenceUnknownEnvVar

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestMakeTargets.canBuildAndAccessInfoTarget

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canAccessAutoreconf

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canReconfigureProject

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canSetTools

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canAccessAclocal

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canAccessAutoconf

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canAccessAutomake

·         org.eclipse.cdt.autotools.ui.tests.TestToolActions.canAccessLibtoolize


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