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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT as a Standalone API

> I tried clang. Not the ClangTooling. The core Clang seemed to have  
> issues like not preserving comments after rewrites etc. 

I don't know about this issue specifically, but I know clang has been improving very rapidly; unless your attempt was very recent, you may want to consider giving it another shot.

> Do the Tooling handle Preprocessor statements too?

I'd be surprised if clang didn't represent preprocessor statements in their AST somehow.

> I thought clang was primarily an optimmization framework and not a  
> source code transformation tool. 

LLVM is the optimization framework. Clang is a C++ front-end. It generates LLVM IR, and it's managed as part of the LLVM project, but it's very much intended to be a framework for code analysis and transformation in addition to serving as a compiler front-end.


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