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Re: [cdt-dev] Mozilla now has built-in support for CDT project generation

Alena Laskavaia wrote:
> So ideally headless app would not allow indexer to kick in at all (because it is not needed for headless build/import)

We actually do this in our fork of the headless builder - we added a command line argument "-no-indexer" that disables the indexer. I guess we can contribute that if there is interest. Maybe there is no need for a command line argument at all and it can always be disabled.

I'm not sure how clean our code is, judging from the comments; it does not use IIndexManager.addIndexerSetupParticipant(...). I'm including it below in case anyone wants to take a look.

A quick bugzilla search also turned up this request for the same thing:


> if( disableIndexer ) {
> 	CCorePlugin.getIndexManager().setDefaultIndexerId(IPDOMManager.ID_NO_INDEXER);
> 	// yes, this is ugly - but I haven't found a way to "officially"
> 	// stop the indexer.
> 	// The problem is that the "workspace job" for the
> 	// "index manager" (PDOMIndexerJob) is created and scheduled
> 	// during plugin activation (CCorePlugin.start(BundleContext))
> 	// and therefore, it may already be running when we first reach
> 	// this line of code. Therefore, we do not just (temporarily)
> 	// disable the indexer but also stop it.
> 	if( CCorePlugin.getIndexManager() instanceof PDOMManager ) {
> 		PDOMManager man = (PDOMManager)CCorePlugin.getIndexManager();
> 		man.shutdown();
> 	}
> }

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