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Re: [cdt-dev] refactoring that replaces multiple nodes in the same branch of a subtree

Hi Thomas,


It seems what you’re proposing is to do replacements in two phases. In the first one, I replace write with one ASTRewrite, then commit the change, then parse the new AST after the first rewrite and do the second rewrite? Is that right? I think this will not be exactly what I want, because I want to see a diff window in the RefactoringWizard that correspond to the compound rewrite.  


What I am thinking to do now is to copy a right-hand-side subtree for the write assignment and then in the copied tree, find a copy of the node that meant to be rewritten as well and then change it to the one that looks like I want. It will have some limitations on what kind of nodes I will be able to rewrite, but should do for the cases I have. Here is what I do:


Original _expression_:

a = a+1


I will find the node  “=” with two children “a” and “a+1”. I will copy the _expression_ “a+1” as a right-hand side for the assignment and then will search in that copied tree if it has other nodes that I needed to rewrite, which will be the “a”. Then I will just substitute node “a” with “” (without any ASTRewrite, because since it’s a copy - it is mutable). So in the copied and modified subtree I will have _expression_ “”. Finally I will do ASTRewrite.replace node “=” with a function call that has the copied and modified subtree as an argument to the function.


Anything more elegant is welcome!




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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] refactoring that replaces multiple nodes in the same branch of a subtree


Hi Audrey


Let me summarize to see if I got your intention.

1. You start with "a = a + 1;"

2. You need to replace the assignment with a write call

3. Nested in the replacement you need to replace the access to a with a read call


But you are losing the nested replace because you copy the right-hand operand before assigning it as parameter of the write call. Right so far?


Now, what exactly are you trying to replace in your replacement?

- After your first replacement you should end up with something like a.write(a + 1);. I guess that except the statement all nodes of the _expression_ are new (or copied nodes). Therefore, you also need to replace those nodes. So instead of replacing the original id-_expression_ "a" you would need to replace it's copy. Probably you will skip the branch in your current visitor and start over on the argument.

- It is mandatory that the second replacement is created with the new ASTRewrite, which is the result of the first replace operation. Otherwise you will end up with IllegalArgumentExceptions because the synthetic nodes do not have the original translation unit as parent.


If you need to operate only on the original AST you can also create the call _expression_ with a dummy node as argument and then (on the new ASTRewrite) replace this dummy node with your right-hand operand of the assignment _expression_. Then you will still have the original nodes for further replace operations.


I hope this helps, otherwise we'll figure out another solution.






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Subject: [cdt-dev] refactoring that replaces multiple nodes in the same branch of a subtree


Hi all,


It should be something frequently hit, but I can’t find an elegant solution. I need to do a refactoring that involves replacing two nodes located in one branch of a subtree. For example, I need to replace:


a = a + 1;




a.write( + 1);


So I need to rewrite the assignment operator (“a = …“) as well as the subexpression (“a”) in the subtree. I cannot do it with two replace rewrites, because when I rewrite the assignment operator, I would use the “copy” method on the subtree but it would not include any rewrites happened below the tree as far as I can tell. So what I can do is to detect if the subtree has any nodes that need rewrites, and then traverse it by recreating the tree and substituting the node that needs a rewrite with a new node, but this solution seems to need code for recreating all types of ASTNodes! Do you see how I can do it another way that is more elegant? Something like a shallow copy for ASTNodes would help in the solution I mentioned, but I couldn’t find such a method either.




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