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Re: [cdt-dev] strange issue with GDB MI interface with pretty prints

On 2014-09-26 04:06 PM, Ayupov, Andrey wrote:
> I was able to create a small/synthetic example that shows the issue. It is attached.
> It contains:
> compile  - two commands to build main.cpp
> gdb_bug_test  - executable if you happen to be able to run (built on suse11 64 bit), otherwise build using compile
> gdb_bug_test_pretty_print.cmd  - pretty print script
> main.cpp   - source
> mi.cmd - MI commands that would make it crash. They use relative paths so it should just run out of the box. 
> Can you please see if you can reproduce it? I am planning to file a ticket on gdb next.
> Some thoughts. I think the fact that the class for which I create a pretty print actually calls a method to the base class makes a difference. If I create a pretty print for the base class then it seems to work. Maybe I can change my pretty print to do that for now, although it will require user to do an extra click and see extra unnecessary fields from the derived class.
> Thanks,
> Andrey

Your attachment was eaten by the evil corporate antivirus on my side, so I can't access it. Also, I can find it on the list archive, I guess it was rejected because of the attachment as well.

I suggest you send a pastebin or a Github gist (I like gists because you can put multiple files in a single gist).

On a sidenote, when I try to do "print my_int.to_string()" in gdb (where my_int is a sc_dt::sc_biguint), gdb tells me it can't find to_string. I have "std::cout << my_int.to_string() << std::endl" in my code and it works. I don't know if the problem is gdb or me. Do you have an idea?


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