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Re: [cdt-dev] Multicore debug conf call minutes

To answer the first part of the second question, yes, it supports
profiling. It supports any mode that a given launch configuration type
supports. For example, I am currently using the launch bar to invoke
Eclemma by selecting ³Coverage² in the launch modes drop down against my
Junit Plug-in test launch configuration. Working great!

I¹ll give more demos of the launch bar as it enters it¹s final maturity. I
have a pretty massive update in the works and am just writing Junits for
the new API and Launch Bar Manager implementation update. Should come
together by tomorrow.


On 2014-09-09, 2:28 PM, "Marc Khouzam" <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Here are the minutes of the (Multicore) Debug workgroup meeting from
>Of interest:
>- Multicore Visualizer now supports Pin&Clone (Clone is for 8.5 but Pin
>for CDT 8.6)
>- Launch Bar
>	Does it support profiling?
>	Should it eventually be part of the Stand-Alone Debugger
>- Work being done to add SWTBot tests for the Stand-Alone Debugger
>	Starting point to have UI tests for the Debug component and maybe others
>in CDT
>- Do we have a plan to look into LLDB-MI?  Could the Stand-Alone Debugger
>work with LLDB eventually?
>Thanks to all attendees.
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