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[cdt-dev] Resolving overloaded 'operator ()' binding

Suppose I have an ICPPASTFunctionCallExpression _expression_ representing overloaded 'operator ()' call.

Finding proper 'operator()' binding can get quite tough with all overloads, implicit casts, and so on.
I suppose CDT does something about it (otherwise it would be unable to perform type check for such expressions, and resolve bindings that depend on the type of this _expression_).

The same question can be applied to other overloaded operator calls that are represented as "regular" expressions in CDT AST.
For ICPPASTBinaryExpression (and so on), the answer is ICPPASTBinaryExpression#getOverload().
Unfortunately, there's no similar method in ICPPASTFunctionCallExpression.

Is there any code in CDT that could be reused?

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