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[cdt-dev] Releases

Hey gang,

I'm back in Ottawa but on vacation for the rest of the week. But I didn't want this conversation to die without a conclusion, especially with Luna SR-1 so close.

Unless someone has something on master they really want to get into Luna SR-1, I propose the following schedule.

September - Luna SR-1. CDT 8.4.1 off of the 8.4 branch. Cherry pick any important fixes you have on master to the branch.

first half of December - CDT 8.5 from master. Just in time for the holiday season. We would make sure that Luna SR-1 users can upgrade to it.

February - Luna SR-2. CDT 8.5.1 fixes from the 8.5 branch.

June - Mars. CDT 8.6.

I think the 6 month cycle would really help get quality features in each release. It also reduces the number of release reviews we need to do :).


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