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[cdt-dev] Refreshing target definitions

For those using CDT's target definitions, you may be seeing compilation issues if you import all of CDT.
The target definitions were changed recently but there is a bug that makes your workspace not refresh
them properly.  The workaround is:

1- open using a text editor
2- change the version 16 at the top to version 17 and save => this will force a refresh
3- change back to version 16 and save
4- restart eclipse.

Thanks to Alvaro and Marc-Andre for helping me with this.

About target definitions:

The nice thing for me about using target definitions is that I don't  have to install the plugins CDT depends 
on anymore, they are automatically made available for compilation.  So I can now import _all_ CDT plugins
and everything always compiles.

To use them, simply do:
1- import into your workspace from CDT's git repo
2- Preferences->Plug-in Development->Target Platform
3- Select cdt_e4.4 and press Apply.

I believe that is all.  Then you can import CDT plugins to your heart's content.

Again, thanks to Alvaro for getting CDT on target definitions in the first place.


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