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[cdt-dev] CDT 8.5 release dates


our 8.5 release is closer than we might think, with RC1 in less than 2 weeks!
Below are the official dates with our proposed feature freeze, branching and testing.

Please give feedback on the proposed dates if you have any concerns.

CDT 8.5 (Luna SR1)
RC1+1 Aug 18th 2014  ->  Proposed feature freeze and branch point
RC2+1 Sept 1st 2014    ->  Proposed joint test effort starts
RC3+1 Sept 8th 2014
RC4+1 Sept 15th 2014
Release Sept 26th 2014

The content will be small but that is expected as SR1 has barely 2 months of development time.
CDT 8.6 will come 5 months after.  Here is that schedule for the curious:

CDT 8.6 (Luna SR2)
RC1+1 Jan 19th 2015
RC2+1 Feb 2nd 2015
RC3+1 Feb 9th 2105
RC4+1 Feb 16th 2015
Release Feb 27th 2015



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