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Re: [cdt-dev] Launch bar sorting

Hey Marc, that's a good question. I have lots of configs as well (and by lots I mean close to 50) and it does bug me a bit when I have to find one. Actually sorting alphabetically helps with that.  If we did it in MRU order, the it would be hard to find ones that you haven't used in a while.

One option that crossed my mind is opening the selector at the one that's selected. Then if you name your configs similarly, you can find them easier.

The other issue is that we're showing configs that probably shouldn't be there, things like External Tool configs that are called at build time. Filtering the list to things we normally consider launches might help.

Probably worth a bug. I just check my eclipse bug folder a lot less often than my inbox.

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The Launch bar is great.  As I am using it, I'm really liking the simplicity and ease-of-use.

The launches are sorted alphabetically.  In the platform's launch list when using the arrow
next to 'bug' icon, the list is sorted by most recently used.  Is there a way to get that sorting
order with the launch bar?  I have a lot of launches but use a subset that I would like to
see at the top.  Should I open a bug?


P.S. For other to try, the launch bar has been checked-in to master so it is very easy to try;
just import the new projects from your git repo:

P.P.S. What is org.eclipse.cdt.launchbar.cdt.core used for?
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