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[cdt-dev] Just upgraded to Luna

Hey guys,


I just upgraded to Luna and I would like to point out a few things that seem to be off.


1.)    When you download the Luna C/C++ Eclipse package from the eclipse download page, the CDT update site is not included by default. I had to manually add to the list of available sites. Really not sure why this is not included by default.

2.)    I know in Java using the * is not very common, but in C it is. In Luna, There are shortcuts for “Import” and “Add to Working Set” mapped to keys [Shift 8 + I] and [Shift 8 + W]. Now whenever I want to type a *, I get a popup in the bottom right that prompts me to either pick “Import” or “Add to Working Set”. This is quite annoying and I really think should be turned off by default in the C/C++ perspective.


These 2 things could really turn off newer users (as well as veterans).



Joseph Henry.

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