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Re: [cdt-dev] Answering a poor post

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This guy just did not install the gcc compiler tools from Cygwin...Installing the gnu tools is an optional feature of the Cygwin installer... so no one can help him in this desperate case except to tell him to install the gnu gcc tool set ...

By the way, I confirm that -- on a W7/x86_64/Cygwin platform -- even the provided HelloWorld sample does not work... see this issue and this one is always pending

Letting those two issues opened won't help in getting beginner CDT's  user happy with CDT on a W7/x86_64/Cygwin platform (I am talking only of Cygwin, because I never tested MinGW, one problem at a time..)


Le 17/06/2014 16:30, Marc Khouzam a écrit :

I saw this a little while ago.  It sounds un-justified to me but since I don’t use Windows I can’t really answer.

I know many of you are using Cygwin or MinGW with CDT.

My guess is that this user didn’t configure things right.

Can someone who uses CDT on Windows confirm (nicely J) to him/her (and everyone else that might fall on this post)

that things do work and that the user probably is facing poor configuration of his toolchain?


We’re going to get some frustrated users even if it is not justified, but I don’t like to see these posts

go un-answered as if they were correct.







From: forums-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:forums-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 9:30 AM
To: Marc Khouzam
Subject: New topic in forum C / C++ IDE (CDT), called cdt is the worst thing i have seen at least on windows, by dd aa


Subject: cdt is the worst thing i have seen at least on windows

Author: dd aa

Date: Thu, 05 June 2014 09:27

sorry to say this but,
after days of working on windows 7 64bit with cygwin and mingw,
i concluded that cdt on windows eclipse is the worst thing on development.

it really doesn's work.

if someone struggling with errors like "eclipse Program "gcc" not found in PATH",
forget about it, and install the visual studio of microsoft.

as of last update's of cygwin and mingw, cdt isn't working, and nobody did'nt found how to do it.

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