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Re: [cdt-dev] Regarding marker in the external file

Generally speaking, marker persistence (aka resource on which it is created) is not necessary tied to annotation displayed in an editor.

You can create a marker on a project/workspace resource with a special attribute recognized by your model.  And then attach to editors a custom annotation model that would search through existing markers and display annotations for the relevant ones.


One example of such annotation model is org.eclipse.cdt.internal.ui.editor.ExternalSearchAnnotationModel . If you create a marker on any resource with an attribute ICModelMarker.C_MODEL_MARKER_EXTERNAL_LOCATION with value of external file path, an annotation will be displayed in editor for that path.


Another example with breakpoints is org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.mi.service.MIBreakpointsManager.addBreakpointProblemMarker. You can attempt to set a breakpoint on external file and follow how the new problem marker is set.








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How can I add markers in an external file opened in eclipse editor?


 When I tried to create marker, I am getting null for the resource,  since the file is  not in the workspace. But it is possible to add breakpoint in the external file. Could anyone help me?





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