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Re: [cdt-dev] Local Terminal on Win64 (was: CDT 8.4 RC3 posted)

Thanks Martin. The explanation is definitely helpful. The topic came up as we're looking for a better gdb console and I'm thinking it might make a good build console too. That and I think native developers just sometimes need a console to type a command into and get results. It might be a good candidate to include in the CPP package.

The other question, is TCF the right home for this thing? Not sure how it's related to the Target Communication Framework. Greg Watson and I are working on the proposal for a Commons project to host things like the CDT native bundle. This might be a good candidate as well. We can talk about that more as the proposal progresses, but something to think about.


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Hi Sergey,


Ø  Does the TCF terminal have a downloadable p2 repository? 


We do have a downloadable repo for all of TCF … which includes the Terminal.

Unfortunately, using it is not straightforward because there’s the dependency on CDT and the dependency on latest TM so this is the minimum you’d to download:






Does that satisfy your needs ?

I could look at crafting something different if you think it helps adoption …





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