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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT multicore



that is a pretty wide question J  The good news is that many people have done this so you may be able to find help.


First, most, if not all, of the work done on CDT Debugging these days is on the DSF framework instead of CDI, so you might want to look into that (google around for info).  Also, there is an active effort to improve multicore debugging for CDT through the Multicore Debug workgroup.  You might consider calling in to collaborate and progress forward.  Info can be found here:


CDT/DSF has an integration of GDB which is used by many or extended to suite their multicore needs.  The code is the best documentation here, but we do have a page describing how to start extending it:


I hope this gives you a starting point.





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Hi All


I currently have an application debugger using CDT with single view/ CDI. If I want to extend it to support CDT multicore, what are the steps that I need to do? any tutorial document for this?

Please help


Thank you



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