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Re: [cdt-dev] cdt template addFiles process

It looks like the path should be relative to the template file:
path = TemplateEngineHelper.getTemplateResourceURLRelativeToTemplate(template, fileSourcePath);

Also, this is the case in this built-in template:


On 14-03-11 09:44 AM, Robin Bussenot wrote:
I'm creating a template with the plugin org.eclipse.cdt.core.templates. And when i try to add a source file for the process org.eclipse.cdt.core.AddFiles, I have an error "Add file failure : template source not found" . 

I've seen in the documentation, the source element : source: Use this to specify the source file location in the file system. 

But I tried many paths for this element and no one is found ... 

Can you tell me what kind of path is expected here ? Or did you have some exemple of template.xml ? 

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