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Re: [cdt-dev] How to add Keyword to CDT Parser

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your suggestion. I did what you mentioned and now my class looks
like below:

public class NCScannerExtensionConfiguration extends
		GCCScannerExtensionConfiguration {
        public static final String CSTATUS = "_c_status";			
	public static final char[] extendcCSTATUS = "_c_status".toCharArray();
	public NsCppScannerExtensionConfiguration() {
		addKeyword(extendcCSTATUS, IGCCToken.tIDENTIFIER );
	public NsCppScannerExtensionConfiguration(int version) {
		addKeyword(extendcCSTATUS, IGCCToken.tIDENTIFIER );

	public CharArrayIntMap getAdditionalKeywords() {
		CharArrayIntMap additionalCKeywords = new CharArrayIntMap(0, 0); 
NCScannerExtensionConfiguration.extendcppCCSTATUS, IToken.t_class); 
		return additionalCKeywords;

Still the keyword is not getting detected. In the outline view it is shown
as a variable. Is there something i am not doing right?

Thanks once again.


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