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[cdt-dev] Google Summer of Code 2014 proposal - Improving LLVM toolchain support


I would be willing to participate again for Google Summer of Code to help make LLVM support for Eclipse CDT better. I am the author of LLVM toolchain plugin for CDT which has been added to master branch. However it still contains many bugs which I would like to try to fix. Also new features could be implemented after the bugs have been fixed. Now I finally have time to improve LLVM plugin but it will be my last GSoC because I finish my studies. If there is interest I am going to submit this proposal with more details on GSoC site. However in order to participate I need a mentor. Similarly to previous GSoC (coding pkg-config support) I not take much of mentor's time and can work independently. Interested mentor can reply to this post or contact me directly.

Thank you for your time,
Petri Tuononen

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