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Re: [cdt-dev] Hudson builds stuck

I have cancelled the cdt-master-3.8 and cdt-master builds which seem stuck, as I don't think they would ever complete. If the newly triggered builds get stuck as well, we need to check why. Locally the master build (and tests, where the build hung) run.
I also killed one of my pending cdt-verfiy jobs to avoid unnecessary congestion.

Question in general: Is it okay that I could perform above actions without logging in?

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Hudson builds stuck

I have noticed that HIPP is no longer building since March 4th.  No job can execute on the hudson. There're hanged  builds for cdt-master and cdt-master-3.8 . And any new builds for cdt-verify are going into "(pending - Waiting for next available executor)" state.

Does anybody have powers to unblock hudson?

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