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[cdt-dev] problems building and running CDT


I'd like to get back into CDT development and fix some bugs,
but I'm having some issues building and running CDT that I
haven't run into before.

I have two eclipse installations: one with JDK and PDE which 
I use to develop CDT, and one with CDT which I use to test 
it. For the second one I got a fresh copy of Kepler SR 2.

In the first one I updated my git repository to the latest
master and followed my usual procedure for building CDT:

  - File -> Export -> Plug-in Development -> Deployable Features
  - Select org.eclipse.cdt feature
  - Export to archive file

Then I went to my CDT installation, and used the archive
as a repository to install from with Help -> Install New

After I restart eclipse as part of the installation, 
anytime I try to open an editor I get a blank screen with
the following error message:

No editor descriptor for id org.eclipse.cdt.ui.editor.CEditor

Any ideas as to what is going wrong here?


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