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Re: [cdt-dev] Include statements

I'm sorry, I haven't explained my problem very well.

I want to check if a particular header is included in my source file. Let's
call it foo.h

If there is #include "foo.h" in my source file, I can detect it in the
processAst(IASTTranslationUnit ast) function via :
for(IASTPreprocessorIncludeStatement inc : ast.getIncludeDirectives()) {

If there is #include "bar.h" in my source file, and in bar.h there is
#include "foo.h", let's represent it like that :
#include "bar.h"
   -->#include "foo.h"

 I can detect foo.h from my source file via in my previous loop :
for(IIndexInclude i : inc.getImportedIndexFile().getIncludes()) {

However, I cannot use that if it goes one rank deeper like that :
#include "bar.h"
   -->#include "foobar.h"
          -->#include "foo.h"

because there is no equivalent to .getImportedIndexFile().getIncludes() for

I'd like to detect the header no matter how deep it is, but I don't see any
way to do that. 

Andrew Eidsness wrote
> Or, where did the IASTTranslationUnit come from?  If it is from an IIndex,
> then maybe you can use
> IIndex.getFiles(IIndexFileLocation)?

I can do ast.getIndex().getFiles(location) but how do I get an appropriate
IIndexFileLocation ?

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