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Re: [cdt-dev] (Pre)Publishing my work on Refactorings

Another alternative is to keep a fork of the CDT at github or bitbucket.
Then when you¹re ready, consolidate all your changes into a single commit
and push to Gerrit.

Although, if you keep pushing changes with the same Change ID, you¹ll get
pretty much the same setup with Gerrit.


On 2/18/2014, 10:20 AM, "Marc-André Laperle"
<marc-andre.laperle@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Simon,
>You could push your changes to Gerrit. I suggest you push one patch for
>each refactoring. You could add a prefix like [WIP] (work in progress)
>in the commit title to make it clear that it's not ready for final
>review. Here are a few links yo help you in the process:
>I'm always interested in improvements in refactorings so I'll definitely
>give them a try!
>On 14-02-18 08:20 AM, Simon Taddiken wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I would like to contribute my work on refactorings to the CDT. The
>> implementation is still work in progress but most features are already
>> working. Its mostly testcases that are missing. Also as I'm new to
>> Eclipse (and CDT) development so my implementation might not be
>> flawless regarding all the CDT guidelines.
>> As this work is part of my bachelor thesis which is due in about 8
>> weeks, it would be awesome if some experienced developers and CDT
>> users could have a look on my work.
>> The refactorings I implemented are:
>>   * Inline Temp (
>>   * Push Down Field/Method
>> (
>>   * Pull Up Field/Method
>> (
>> My question is whether there is a way to publish my work to all who
>> are interested to have a look at it.
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