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Re: [cdt-dev] (Pre)Publishing my work on Refactorings


there is a test project for all UI features: org.eclipse.cdt.ui.tests which is located in CDT/core. You may simply have a look at the test cases for the existing refactorings but the structure is the following:

A class extends 'RefactoringTestBase' and contains multiple test cases as single methods. The C/C++ Code is given as leading comment to this test method. The framework will parse the file, create temporary files from the comments, then apply the refactoring and compare the result against your expectations. These are also given within the leading comments below a line of '=' signs.


On 18.02.2014 15:49, Jeanderson wrote:
Hello Simon.

I'm also new in the CDT group, welcome :)
Just a quick question: how did you test your refactoring implementations?

Also, I don't know how the CDT group tests their refactoring
implementations... Is there someone who knows about it?

Jeanderson Barros Cândido

2014-02-18 10:20 GMT-03:00 Simon Taddiken <simon.taddiken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to contribute my work on refactorings to the CDT. The
    implementation is still work in progress but most features are
    already working. Its mostly testcases that are missing. Also as I'm
    new to Eclipse (and CDT) development so my implementation might not
    be flawless regarding all the CDT guidelines.
    As this work is part of my bachelor thesis which is due in about 8
    weeks, it would be awesome if some experienced developers and CDT
    users could have a look on my work.

    The refactorings I implemented are:
       * Inline Temp (
       * Push Down Field/Method
       * Pull Up Field/Method

    My question is whether there is a way to publish my work to all who
    are interested to have a look at it.

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