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[cdt-dev] Problem with my plugin with multiple configurations

I have written a arduino eclipse plugin that runs on CDT. In the plugin there is a dedicated field to extend the command line. This field is passed onto the command line when the language settings provider is called ( protected String getCompilerCommand(String languageId) in the public class ArduinoLanguageProvider extends ToolchainBuiltinSpecsDetector implements ILanguageSettingsEditableProvider ).

I mostly use this to define global defines with the -D option which is why I had to add it to the getCompilerCommand. This works well in a single configuration project or as long as I have the same defines for all the configurations. If I have however 2 configurations with different defines in my personal field the gui does not properly show code in #ifdef statements. (see attached image)

I was wondering. Is this due to the way I'm working or is this to be considered a bug?

Best regards

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