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Re: [cdt-dev] Fwd: Contributing to Eclipse CDT

what is your intention, do you want to implement your own refactoring or really just evaluate the existing ones?

I'm already evaluating the existing refactoring tool. So far I found 34 compilation errors, 10 behavior-changing transformations, and 2 overly strong conditions (i.e. the refactoring could be applied but the tool didn't allow to apply it) when using the Eclipse refactoring tools.

I don't know if it sounds interesting to the scope of Google Summer of Code, but I believe that working on these issues would be valuable to Eclipse CDT, for me, and for users of Eclipse for C/C++.

On the other, I'm opened to suggestions. I know that some people is working right now to elaborate ideas for this years and it would be awesome to work on them :)

...Jan, that's something that I also miss on CDT. Thanks for the suggestion!


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