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[cdt-dev] Issue with inserting breakpoint in a multicore heterogeneous system



We have a custom debugger that implements the MI protocol in order to communicate with Eclipse. We have a heterogeneous system with processors with different architectures.


We are using two thread-groups one for each of the two architectures, each thread-group has multiple threads representing the processors.


Because we have a heterogeneous system, we have two different procedures for inserting breakpoints, for the two different architectures.


So, at the point of inserting a BP, it would we helpful if we knew the thread, but we must know at least the thread-group.

Now we have the following command when inserting BPs:

-break-insert --thread-group i1 -f <file>:<line>

But, the thread-group is always i1. It doesn't change if we select thread-group i2 and this is a problem.

Please can you give us some suggestions, how could we deal with this issue.

Is this a known issue that needs to be solved or is work in progress.

Thank you.

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