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Re: [cdt-dev] Issue with register view for a multicore heterogeneous system

> This is an example of how we emit the events for thread-groups and
> threads. It works. Is this alright?
> -exec-run --thread-group i1
> =thread-group-added,id=i1

This is strange.  
means an inferior is created in GDB.  That is when
you can start giving command to that inferior (e.g., i1).
I find it strange that you can do the -exec-run on i1
before i1 is even created in GDB.

The rest below looks good.

> =thread-group-started,id=i1,pid=1000
> =thread-created,id=0,group-id=i1
> *running,thread-id=0
> =thread-created,id=1,group-id=i1
> *running,thread-id=1
> =thread-group-added,id=i2
> =thread-group-started,id=i2,pid=2000
> =thread-created,id=2,group-id=i2
> *running,thread-id=2
> =thread-created,id=3,group-id=i2
> *running,thread-id=3
> For the third issues I will write another mail on the forum.
> Could you please tell me when is planned the next CDT release which will
> include these bug fixes (Bug 418176, Bug 323552)?
> Thank you.

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