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[cdt-dev] Source Insight-like preview window/panel

Is there any plan for feature like Source-Insight preview window?

The gist of the feature is the following. There's a small pane below the code editor, when the cursor is moved above a certain AST element, this element is looked at the index, and its declaration/implementation is shown in the window below.

For example, see this magnificent ascii art. The  is the cursor, 

    | int main() { |
    |     fo¶o();  |
    |     bar();   |
    | }            |
    | void foo() { |
    |     cout <<  |

When the cursor is moved to bar, the bottom window automatically moves to show the bar function:

    | int main() { |
    |     foo();   |
    |     bar();  |
    | }            |
    | void bar() { |
    |     cin >> i;|

The only reference we've found for this feature is a statement in Eclipse forums, where someone is working on this, from 2009:

And a mailing list feature request:

Couldn't find anything on the bug tracker.

Is there interest to implement this feature in Eclipse CDT?

If there is, we would like to file a feature request and work on it.

Before we start, that would be great if someone would point us to the correct way for the following:
  1. Where should we hook into the "cursor moved to PDOM element" event.
  2. Adding a new panel to the bottom, which is capable of previewing DOM.
  3. Moving the preview window to have a certain PDOM element in view.
Maybe mention a similar patches we can look at.


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