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[cdt-dev] Adding the Multicore Visualizer to the Simultaneous Release update site

Hi all, Doug,

We talk more and more about the Multicore Visualizer to people but they run
into problems when wanting to install it because it is not part of the Simultaneous
Release update site (e.g.,
Instead they must use the CDT update site directly.

So, I would like to add the Multicore Visualizer feature to the Simultaneous
Release update site for Luna and for Kepler SR2.  It will remain an optional 
feature, but at least it will be easier to find.

Does someone have an issue with this suggestion?
If not, I will try to add it myself to
(thanks Marc-Andre for figuring it out for me ;))
but I'm not sure I have permissions. 
If I don't, I guess I'll need help from Doug.



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