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[cdt-dev] toolchain options


I recently released a new version of the GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-in (for a managed build with ARM specific options) and in order to avoid inconsistent option settings for multiple tools, I decided to group them together.

The only way I could do this was to define these common options at toolchain level. The solution is functional, with some help from custom classes to gather the extra options and add them to the command line.

However the usage of such options seems not very well supported and sometimes this is publicly visible.

For example when applying settings for a specific folder, these options are not visible in the configuration windows, and so they cannot be changed (which is only annoying, not a major disaster), but... are saved in .cproject! All of them, exactly the same list that was already saved for the root resource folder.

To make things even worse, my toolchains are fully configurable (I have a separate tab called Toolchains, next to Toolchain settings), and there I can configure the prefix, sufix, all command names, path, etc and all these multiple options are stored as non-visible options at toolchain level.

Imagine all these values saved for each configuration folder, for a complex project!

Attached is a the .cproject for a test project.

I'm currently not sure if saving toolchain options at each folder level is a CDT feature or a bug, but from my point of view those many options there are just a waste of space.

Any suggestions? Should this be filed as a bug and investigated?

Or should the entire issue of toolchain options be reconsidered and maybe some of them can become visible in the Toolchain settings window (and then obviously should be saved separately in .cproject)?



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