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Re: [cdt-dev] JUnit Version of org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb


Sorry for not having noticed this problem.
I would rather change MIRegistersTest since JUnit 4.11 does not come by default on a 3.8 installation (at least not on mine).

Do you want to push the new change to the existing gerrit review, or shall I do it?

Thanks Thomas

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Sent: October 11, 2013 3:51 AM
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Subject: [cdt-dev] JUnit Version of org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb



Would anybody mind if we increased the JUnit version the org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb plug-in depends on to 4.11.0 ( This should fix the currently failing Hudson build. Alternatively, we could change the referenced assert-methods in MIRegistersTest.




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