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[cdt-dev] Scanner discovery doesn't include build paths

Hi all,


We are working with CDT 8.2, and we have a CDT toolchain that has some include paths that gets changed depending on the project settings.

Those paths are added correctly to the build command, and the build operation works fine. But the scanner discovery

doesn't discover those paths and the editor shows ugly errors. To solve this issue, I had to add an extension point

to supply extra arguments to the scanner provider, but this solution is not generic, and it has to be modified whenever

something new appears. The problem is bigger in unmanaged build cases, where the toolchain is not specified, the scanner discovery

has no rule at all there. I thought that the scanner discovery should replicate the arguments used in build.


My question is; is there an available better and more generic way to solve this? Or are there plans to provide a solution for such cases soon?



Mohamed Azab

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