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Re: [cdt-dev] Newsletter opportunity

I think that would be great for visibility.
I can put something together for Debug based on previous material of presentations and FAQ, so I can take
care of one article for CDT Debug.
However, I would like to get confirmation from others, so that I know we will actually go ahead
with the newsletter before I spend time on it.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Newsletter opportunity

Hey gang,

Earlier this year the Foundation staff launched an Eclipse newsletter for the developer community. They publish the newsletter each month and usually include 3-4 articles about a common theme. They would like to do a newsletter around C/C++ development with Eclipse.

They would need 3-4 articles. They can be existing articles, blog posts or  tutorials or some original content. The length of each article can vary so no set number of words. And they would need the articles by October 18.

Here are some past newsletters FWIW, there are over 57K subscribed to the newsletter so we would be hitting a reasonable list. They did a recent survey and a number of readers asked for articles about CDT.

I think it would be great of we could have a couple of articles on the big features we've added recently. Organize Includes would be great. So would the Scanner Discovery re-architecture. And there are quite a few things on the Debug side worth noting as well.

Thoughts? Offers to help?



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