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[cdt-dev] Using ScannerInfoProvider and "Includes" project element

I have an interesting problem that maybe somebody on this list could help me with.


We have a custom tool chain, and to put it simply, we are required to provide a ScannerInfoProvider implementation so that we can properly return IScannerInfo on a per resource basis. We do this because 1 resource in a project can have a much different include path that another, so putting them all in the LanuageSettings was not acceptable.


With all this said, here is my problem:


Since we are not using the LanguageSettingProvider to give all the search include paths, the “Includes” project element does not show up any more. This is the UI element that you can expand and see the include folders, and further expand to see the files, etc.


Is there any way that I can:


1.)    Have this element use the search path that I return from my ScannerInfoProvider

2.)    Append the paths in the Language Settings also. (I still want to have this work so that users have a way to manually specify search paths.)


Any help with this would be great. As far as I can tell, the Java class that somewhat control the contents of the Includes element is org.eclipse.cdt.internal.ui.cview.IncludeRefContainer.



Joseph Henry.



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