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[cdt-dev] Indexer Bug CDT 8.1.2

Hi all,


I have found a weird bug in the indexer. I have filed a bug report 417193.


This seems to be caused when you have a #pragma once at the top of a file followed by a #ifndef #define block.


Given these circumstances and some other include paths you can have the indexer tell you that there is an undefined symbol, which should not be the case. Clicking on the undefined symbol and doing a “go to definition” will bring up a prompt telling you that it could be defined in 2 places, and you need to choose which once to go to.


This bug is causing a lot of pain for my company in a lot of the legacy code that we support. I was wondering if somebody who is familiar with the indexer would mind taking a look at this and maybe point me in the right direction of how I can fix this. I have spent a lot of time tracking this down, but now have no idea actually where to start in fixing it.


Any help would be appreciated.

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