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[cdt-dev] Minutes from Monthly Call

Hey gang, here are notes I gathered during the call yesterday. Please correct me if I got something wrong or add anything I missed.

Attendees: Jeff. Marc K, Marc D, Marc-Andre, Alvaro, Mikhail

Release cadence:

  • in general, allow minor releases in sync with every release train SR.
  • The reason we didn't for Kepler SR-1 is that we need to declare that at the beginning of the cycle.
  • We will start at SR-2.
  • And we will treat the SR dates as our dates. There is a requirement to finish the release a month before that but we will ask for an exemption every time to line up with the SR date because that's the only sane thing to do.
  • BTW, we need to maintain compatibility at SR-1 and SR-2 with the platform at SR-0 (GA).
  • We can not do a major version increases at SR-1 or SR-2, only at the June release.


Jeff reminded us to take a look at the Sonar data for CDT. It's a great resource when looking for things to fix.

Standalone Debugger:

CDT machine:
  • Still working on getting up.
  • Made some progress with webmaster so I can at least connect to it, but still waiting root power.

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