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[cdt-dev] What use cases does PDOMDependencyCalculator solve?

In a customers project, they encounter intolerable long times between "project build" invocation and the execution start of "make" which takes more than minutes on some (Windows) systems. This time is consumed during "build configuration" creation. A considerable amount of time is spent in findTypeForExtension called by BuildDescription.completeLinking.

What massively speeds up things (actually fixes the issue) is to avoid PDOMDependencyCalculator being used (e.g. by disabling indexer or by patching the code accordingly). Right now, I'm thinking about patching CDT for our customers to disable PDOMDependencyCalculator - but first I'd like to understood what the purpose of that class acutally is, means: what "real life problem" it solves. While it's obvious that it adds all dependencies (i.e. included headers) to a certain .cpp, it's not obvious to me why this is required for CDT to know. Don't we use make and .d files to generate and handle such dependencies? (note: I'm aware of, which discusses some possible make pitfalls - but I think those are not related to this issue, are they?)


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