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Re: [cdt-dev] Language Settings

Andrew Gvozdev wrote:
> Both "C/C++ Build" > "Settings" and "Paths and Symbols" represent settings from MBS. If you add/edit entries in either one they end up in the toolchain definition supplied by cdt.managedbuild plugin. "Paths and Symbols" also would show read-only entries captured by older scanner discovery ("C/C++ Build" > "Discovery Options").
> The "C/C++ General" > "Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc." is cdt.core. It combines those from MBS, new scanner discovery and also UI for adding user entries. It does not need managedbuild plugin and so can be used with CDT builder which does not use MBS.
> I agree that it is confusing. What about moving  "Paths and Symbols" under "C/C++ Build" and renaming it to "MBS Paths and Symbols"? Would it at least alleviate the confusion?

That sounds good. I was under the impression that "Paths and Symbols" was CDT core (independent of MBS) as well - at least I also see it in non-MBS projects - but if it is as you say then that sounds sensible.

However, if as you suggest in response to kesselhaus by

> This is something that would be needed to be added to managed build. Could you file a bug for that?

a flow of settings from "Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc." to the MBS makefile generator is implemented, would there even be any purpose left for "Paths and Symbols" (apart from its "Source Location", "Output Location", and "References" tabs, which don't seem to belong there anyway) and its programmatic equivalent, "External Settings Providers"?


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