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[cdt-dev] Indexer showing undefined symbols when symbol is defined in more than 1 place

Hi all,


Me and my team have recently ran into a bug in the eclipse CDT.


We are using eclipse 4.2.2 and CDT 8.1.2 on Windows with a custom toolchain.


We find that when we get multiple source files in a project, sometimes we run into a situation where the indexer tells us that a symbol is undefined, but when you right click and do “go to definition” you get a little popup that you can choose which definition to go to. This means that the definition is in 2 places, and that is being flagged as an error.


The thing is, is that the source file that is being flagged only has one path (in the includes) to the definition. It seems like the indexer is getting confused by another source file in the project.


I found this bug This seems to be related, but this specifically mentions the cross gcc toolchain, which I am certain that it has nothing to do with the toolchain used, and just about the indexer.


Does anyone know if this bug has been fixed? Or if there are any plans on it being fixed? Or if there is a workaround for it?



Joseph Henry.

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