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Re: [cdt-dev] issue with ASTRewrite and assert macro

On 13-07-22 10:47 PM, "Nathan Ridge" <zeratul976@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>> It's not in a feature so you can't install it, it's only in the CDT
>>>> repo. You can include the plug-in when launching your runtime Eclipse
>>>> when developing CDT code. There was a discussion on this mailing list
>>>> about whether or not to move it to the Util feature but it was decided
>>>> not to.
>>>> Marc-Andre
>>>Hmm... so there is no way to add it into an actual Eclipse installation?
>> We could revisit the decision not to include it. Not sure why it's in
>> test plug-in other than that was convenient at the time.
>I'm not talking about including it in the CDT distribution by default
>(though I wouldn't be opposed to that), I'm just asking if there is a
>way to add it to an existing CDT installation.
>I would just like to be able to use it in the Eclipse installation
>where I have my actual C++ projects set up, not just in the one I
>launch from the development environment. I am happy to copy some
>jar files or do similar hacks to make this happen.

Yeah, I'm not sure drop-ins works any more. Without that we need to make a
feature for this so you can install it properly.

This isn't the first request for this viewer so I think it is time to
package it up. It's a good debugging tool for CDT devs.


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