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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT survey

Hmm, forgot something else to add to the survey ..
Add scripting support .. whatever scripting language that might be, but afaik there's ruby, python and more supported on JVM. For those of us users, that have never (or for a very long time) written Java and plugins, but just want to automate things, e.g. script the debugging or other IDE related things (editor conversions, refactoring scripts, analysis scripts ...).

But I guess, that would be more of a platform issue.

Am 18.07.2013 04:34, schrieb Marc-Andre Laperle:

A while ago, I made a short survey to get user feedback and get a feel of what people want for the next release. I would like to do it again this year. Here are the questions, let me know if you think they should be modified.

The new survey:

The old survey results:


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