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[cdt-dev] Distribution of custom patches.

Hi all,


My company has a custom Eclipse CDT integration for our development environment.


We are using Eclipse Juno with CDT version 8.1.2. We recently encountered 2 core CDT bugs (408525, 407506) which block usage of our plugin.


We have internally patched the associated CDT jars for 8.1.2, but I need a way to easily distribute them throughout our company. Right now we are just naming the jars the same and telling users that they need to download the jar and copy it to there eclipse directory. This is quite cumbersome, and with over 300 users, it is a bit of a support nightmare.


I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to distribute these patched jars via a feature update site?


I have tried building the jars and making my plugin distribute them, but eclipse wont accept the jar if it is already in the plugin folder with the same name, and if the name is different, the CDT does not recognize it.

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