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[cdt-dev] MBS page: 'All Configurations' option inconsistence behavior



I have observed some problems with ‘All Configurations’/’Multiple Configuration’ options.


Issue 1 [String type]:

1) Create default Mingw project (default configuration is ‘Debug’)

2) Go to Compiler > Optimization :  'Other optimization flags' and add some text in the text field and click OK

3) Now, re-open the 'build option settings' page, select 'Optimization' category

4) Select Configuration as 'All Configurations' (do not change any option values)

5) Select 'Release' configuration.



Though, we have not changed/updated any options, the 'Other optimization flags' value copied from 'Debug' to 'Release'.


Issue 2 [StringList, Includes, Defines etc.]:

1) Go to 'Build option settings' page and change configuration from 'Debug' to 'Release' (Active configuration is still 'Debug')

2) Go to Compiler > Symbols > 'Defines Symbols (-D)'

3) Add some values in release configuration and then click 'OK'.

4) Re-open the 'build option settings' page 

5) Select 'All Configurations'

5) Go to Compiler > Symbols > 'Defines Symbols (-D)' and add some value

6) select 'Release' configuration and check the values.


Existing values are overridden by 'All configurations' value.


It is expected to append to the existing option values rather than overriding all values of that option.



If the option type is kind of a Enumeration/Boolean, then the results were as expected. However, if user selects other than Enumeration/Boolean, then configurations are showing inconsistence behaviour.


Is there a workaround for this or should we enhance the 'build option settings' to support 'All Configurations' option?.



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