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[cdt-dev] Macros defined in Language are not taken into account by the parser


I moved my toolchain plugin from Eclipse 3.7 to 4.3. Sources are identical, except that in 4.3 I used the LanguageSettingsProvider extension point.
In my plugin I defined a new language based on GCC and added some keywords and macros using addKeyword() and addMacro(). This worked fine with the old version, but in the new one the macros are no longer recognized. They appear correctly, means they are highlighted in the source as a keyword. Nevertheless, they are not resolved since the macros are not taken into account.
I checked the parser log and the macros are missing there, but appeared in 3.7. I set some breakpoints to see if the instance of IARCScannerExtensionConfiguration is retrieved correctly and if it contains all data. I followed some steps and checked the variables - it seems that the macros are included.

Can someone give me a hint where to look at? It seems that my language is taken into account, the language name also appears correctly in the parser log. But the macros are not considered.

best regards


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