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[cdt-dev] Proposal to move to 6 month release cycle

Hey gang,

We talked about this on our call this morning. There is a lot of interest, and actually always has been, in moving to more frequent release cycle. Yearly is great if you are a stable platform that doesn't need to change much, but our feeling is that the CDT still has a lot of work left to do.

And I actually think that yearly cycles reduces the appeal of contributing to Eclipse. Who wants to make a contribution and then wait a year to have a release they can use it with. Even the major Linux distros release bi-yearly. But let's focus now on the CDT and maybe we can lead by example and join other projects that are already doing this.

So here's what we came up with and we need to hear from you and tweak it so that it's captures all our needs (or as many as we can).
  • Release in June along with the Eclipse release train as before.
  • Release the SR-1 for that release in Sept as before.
  • Release a new feature release in December, not too late where it interferes with the holiday season.
  • Release the SR-2 for the June release with the rest of the train in Feb as before to satisfy the needs of people stuck on the older CDT release.
  • Release the SR-1 for the December release in March or April.
  • Release in June again, and repeat.
So, for example, this year we have:

June – 8.2.0
Sept – 8.2.1
Dec – 8.3.0
Feb – 8.2.2
Mar – 8.3.1
June – 8.4.0

Anyway, before we decide to do this, we need to hear from everyone in the community. Please let us know what you think or if you have any questions (and there should be lots of questions).


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