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Re: [cdt-dev] Performing Refactoring without GUI

Hello Gustavo,

What is the call stack when you get the exception? I noticed something different between using .c and .cpp: when using .c, a name for the extracted variable is not suggested which makes the refactoring test fail but if I use .cpp, the name 'i' is suggested and the test passes.


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Subject: [cdt-dev] Performing Refactoring without GUI


  I'm trying to perform refactoring via CDT api, using as example the ExtractLocalVariableRefactoringTest class, but after execute this class in JUnit it shows a NullPointerException. Could you show me a code example of refactoring using API, given a .c file as input and a text selection in this file? 

Example of a .c file:

int f(){

  int x = 2; //2 could be the selection


Thank you so much.


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