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Re: [cdt-dev] Debug Junit on Hudson

I think we can start to assume that this isn't the right place for this
file. It might be better to put it somewhere safer.

On 13-05-29 2:42 PM, "Marc Khouzam" <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>This is mostly for Doug, but you never know.
>The gdb binary has disappeared from the Hudson machine again (quite a
>while ago).
>If I do an ls (with my very limited sftp access), I can see
>but no gdb directory.
>I was thinking that we may need to change the permission on that directory
>to prevent it from being removed.  For example
>has been there since 2011.
>I would like to do it myself via sftp but I don't know how you built gdb
>for that machine.
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