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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Development

On 13-05-29 10:43 AM, Antony Burton wrote:
I'm trying to change some code in CDT for the needs of our project (and maybe for other developers' projects) and I've followed:

I have a couple of questions:

1) I'm at the part "Clone the Repo", which I have done (branch cdt_8_0) and taking heed of the comment: "Select all the projects or individual. Project filter does not seems to work. It maybe easier select all, then close projects you don't need", I've imported everything. But, when the workspace builds there are errors. Should I remove the projects with errors?

Those with errors are:

I would remove those projects (unless you really are interested in UPC or remote launching):

For the other projects, are you getting only API errors? You could ignore them or set your API baseline, as seen in the Eclipse Setup section or the same page. Also, I think org.eclipse.cdt.codan.internal.ui.cxx in 8.0 had an API error that wasn't fixed until later.

2) As suggested by Marc, (in another post) I am working with an Eclipse SDK with no CDT installed, so presumably I need all CDT projects for it to function. Is that right?

No, you can select only the ones you're interested in and their dependencies. For example, if you only import org.eclipse.cdt.ui, the will complain about missing org.eclipse.cdt.core so you'll have to import it as well. On the Getting started page I put a list of projects that you could start with.

As I've taken a long time to get to this point, I don't want to start experimenting and then have to start all over again, so I'm hoping someone could help me out.

I would be happy to contribute my humble offerings if I could understand how this works.

Thanks. Let me know if some parts of the guide needs more clarification.



PS. I am using Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2 Classic (could not find this in Eclipse site, so downloaded it from FileHippo) and CDT 8.0.2
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